TURN equip future change agents.
Implementing successful change requires the commitment of the whole organization. Our mission is to equip future change agents, by focusing on leadership and culture, and hereby to support the strategy execution process in organizations.

TURN is a Copenhagen based consultancy, founded on more than 15 years of experience driving organizational change processes by bridging business objectives, leadership development and organizational change, thus effectively aligning external market needs and internal competences.

TURN creates strategically focused and engaging solutions working in the complex intersection between business strategy, HR, communication and marketing. Results are achieved by using a comprehensive network of relevant internal and external business and academia specialists – and by applying a set of both practical and theoretical tools.

TURN is a trusted advisor and is committed to a mutual learning partnership: Your participation from start to finish is crucial. We rely on your expertise and feedback throughout the process to understand your business and your challenges. Throughout the project you’ll know exactly where things stand and where they’re headed.


 Louise Rygaard  FOUNDER OF TURN


Louise is passionate about supporting organizations in driving cultural transformations and building the required internal capabilities.  

She is a self-proclaimed “gender provocateur”. It captures the essence of her objective: To continuously challenge the gender imbalance amongst executives by addressing its cause and possible solutions. 

During her career, she has developed competencies within both marketing, HR and operations. She is confident bridging the best from these fields as a key to successfully aligning external market needs and internal competences.

She has experience from both management positions and as senior consultant for public and private companies in diverse sectors e.g. DSV, Coop Danmark, Gorrissen Federspiel, Danske Spil, CPH, Danish Municipalities, Handelsbanken, Team Tankers and Domstolsstyrelsen.

Louise has a Masters’ Degree in Communication & Design management and a PhD in Change Management in the service sector. 

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Diversity in teams reduces group thinking and improves innovation and strengthens the business potential.

TURN specializes in career development for female managers and in supporting international companies in the transformation towards a better gender balance at all organizational levels.

TURN is currently involved in several diversity projects including a CBS Executive Leadership Program, ”Leading Women”, as well as customized leadership workshops and programs aimed at working with behavioral patterns and unconscious biases which sometimes are powerful, yet invisible, barriers to women’s advancement. TURN is also involved as speakers at conferences.

As an integral part of the process, TURN conducts a cultural analysis that assesses the current state of diversity in the organization followed up by identifying the right strategy and actions needed to balancing gender.


TURN has extensive experience in designing and executing customized educational programs at all levels in the organization. The process includes understanding internal stakeholders’ needs, searching for best practice as well as to tailor-making, designing and delivering training to the participants.

TURN is dedicated to exceeding customers’ and other stakeholders’ expectations, and we always strive for delivering on the learning objectives set by the organization as well as on the value experienced by the participants.

TURN draws from strong network of renowned Danish and international academic institutions and professionals within lecturing, workshop execution, mentoring and the process facilitation of educational programs.

TURN service strategy into executional excellence

TURN is a premier partner within service excellence. We identify barriers and motivation for change, and direct strategies for delivering on the brand promise and customers' expectations in service organisations.  

Moving the service brand in a desired direction demands attention on leadership and culture, and insights into ways of building the required internal capabilities to effectively implement the service strategy.

Therefore, we immerse ourselves in the industry, the organization and its business units and learn through observation, interviews and analysis applying an ethnographic approach. 

This is the foundation for identifying cultural, managerial and organizational drivers, barriers and solutions for equipping and training the organization’s future change agents. These are prerequisites for effectively revising and implementing the service strategy internally. 

The result: the service strategy becomes meaningful and drives the organization and its key stakeholders in the same direction and leaves the organization empowered and agile.